Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing leaders today must have the most up-to-date and accurate data to make decisions quickly. They also must have the right sales force model deployed in the right way to execute those decisions just as quickly. We have helped hundreds of companies gain market share by markedly improving the ROI of their sales and marketing spend. Over the last decade we have successfully built a robust sales & marketing solutions practice area that respond to sales & marketing challenges faced by our clients by architecting customized solutions that ensure they enter new markets faster, gain market share quickly and reap the benefits of improved sales performance.
Our Sales & Marketing execution team consists of SPIN trained experts, who understand needs, solve problems of the prospect and guide the prospect to make a better decision. We have the demonstrated experience in transactional, consultative and enterprise sales models. We have been executing highly complex technology sales transactions for a technology leader in aerospace and defense industry for their technology commercialization team. Similarly we have established strong relationships with other clients for whom we are their trusted global sales & marketing partner.

Our Sales & Marketing Services include:

Prospect Data Build

We use our know-how and proprietary technologies to build the right contact data on your prospects with all the data attributes that you need. More importantly, the data does not come from a canned, ageing database – we build the data specifically for your requirements. This means that you only get valid and valuable prospect data that is highly accurate.

Database cleansing:

Data ages and ages quickly. Bad data impacts marketing efforts and eventually sales ROI. We ensure reusability of your data by refreshing and cleansing it. We help synchronise data built from heterogeneous sources or merge databases if needed. We do all this efficiently using our research know-how and proprietary technologies. And we do this efficiently and in alignment with your sales & marketing plans.

Key Accounts & Sector Profiling:

We help our clients identify relevant audiences and expand their target universe of prospects. We support our clients by using our research competencies and zero in on the universe or segments that may have been hitherto untapped. We deliver relevant insights that help our clients make decisions that aid growth and profitability.

Prospect Discovery:

Cheers Interactive specializes in non-intrusive prospect discovery where we identify and deliver databases with only relevant decision makers qualified based on custom parameter defined by you. This helps our clients enhance their marketing ROI and compress their sales cycle.


We combine our sales process expertise, transition methodologies, technology and 24*7 global reach to help our clients achieve event sales targets. We execute end-to-end sales campaigns for many of our clients and for others we support them with qualified leads that can be acted upon by client sales teams.

Lead Generation:

We pool our research, technology and sales competencies to deliver leads that matter. We deliver leads with prospect insights which qualify them as “sales-ready”. We either hand over a qualified lead to client or we set up appointments for the client sales team.

Community Building & Empanelment:

We use primary and secondary research to source data, narrow down relevant community or panel members based on custom defined qualifying criteria, market your community /panel to them and then recruit them as members.

Strategic Decision Support:

We help our clients enter new markets, launch new products, expand and evolve their existing products, study brand perception or benchmark against competition. We leverage our business research expertise and deliver the insights that facilitates strategic and tactical decision making.

Case Studies

Decision-maker Database build

A global events organiser in life sciences sector leveraged Cheers’ data build solutions to achieve significant increase in their exhibition revenues Request Case Study

Event Database Support

For a global events and conference client, cheers provided ongoing database build and maintenance operations for their Asia Pacific business unit driving higher delegate registrations Request Case Study

Database Management

For a leading global events, conferences & training provider based out of Europe, Cheers centralized their marketing database operations thereby achieving process standardisation and significant increase in marketing ROI Request Case Study

Advertising and Subscription Sales

An FTSE 250 information services provider partnered with Cheers to increase its advertisement and subscription sales Request Case Study

Lead Generation

A leading provider of IT security solutions partnered with Cheers to get qualified leads for its web security products Request Case Study