Manufacturing has undergone a transformation in this century with advent of new technologies and core competencies moving on to new markets. There is unprecedented demand from emerging markets and collaborative supply models are beginning to evolve. At the same time, the environmental concerns also need to be addressed with ever increasing regulations. All industries in manufacturing need insights about regulations, technologies, competitors, supply chains and customers to stay ahead of the curve and be competitive.
Cheers manufacturing research practice explores, examines and analyses these opportunities and challenges to provide actionable insights helping manufacturers simplify strategic decisions. Our domain experts provides insights on critical business and technology challenges faced by manufacturers across diverse industry segments Our work cuts across all major segments in the manufacturing industry market – from engineering and equipment, component manufacturers, construction and machinery to process manufacturing in consumer packaged goods and food & beverages sectors We supplement our internal subject matter expertise with inputs from industry experts to provide unbiased insights to our clients. Our clients value us for our simplicity and clarity in approach to crystallize facts and provide actionable insights Our Business Decision Support Services for manufacturing industry include: Technology and Intellectual Property Intelligence helps you to roll out newer products and improve your existing production technologies. Market Intelligence helps you to identify new opportunities for your existing product portfolio. The insights will drive your market strategy formulation and improve market reach. Industry coverage & trends helps you plan for the future and reduce business risks. Competitor Intelligence services help you in competitive landscape mapping, detailed profiling of key competitors, competitor strategy assessment and SWOT analysis. Customer Feedback and Tracking helps you in understanding the ever changing needs of the customer and their satisfaction levels. Procurement support services helps you in gaining necessary insights for your procurement team and support them in supplier market analysis, supplier profiling, pricing analysis, RFI support and benchmarking procurement best practices Regulatory and Compliance support services keeps you abreast of regulatory changes happening in the primary and secondary market. We help suppliers and manufacturers in ongoing monitoring of regulatory policy framework globally. Industry Newsletters and Activity Dashboards: We monitor your industrial ecosystem and create newsletters for internal dissemination that contains pre-tender, bid invitation and contract award information

Case Studies

Component Supplier Intelligence

Leading component manufacturer for Transportation industry partnered with Cheers for supplier intelligence in a new market Request Case Study

Market Opportunity Assessment

Global insulation products manufacturer enters into strategic alliance with Cheers for market opportunity assessment of its products for insulated / filled clay bricks in Europe Request Case Study

Opportunity landscape study

Global bioresorbable nonwovens manufacturer explores new applications for existing product line to utilise spare capacity Request Case Study

Competitive Landscaping

Global Genset manufacturer gains competitive intelligence by partnering with Cheers Request Case Study

Competitive Price Benchmarking

Cheers performs competitive price benchmarking and analysis for a global OEM of sports and recreational vehicles Request Case Study