At Cheers we believe in following passion and therefore we provide our team members with unmatched flexibility on how they manage their own time and work, and most importantly – no one breathing down their neck all day long!

We at Cheers provide an opportunity to anyone, looking for one… You could be a housewife, a student, specially-abled, or a military personnel looking not only for a regular stream of income but also seeking to grow professionally and personally, as a part of our extended operations team we provide you with the opportunity to work full time or flexi-time within the comfort of your location and at the same time provide you greater job satisfaction with proper control on your monthly income.

Advantages of joining the extended operations team

- Ultimate flexibility of time
- Your own customised work environment
- Better income control
- Help you gain relevant and needed industry experience
- Help you go global & grow locally
- Help you expand your professional network

What we require

- Motivation and dedication to work
- Data verification and acquisition via web research and calling skills (mandatory)
- Good command over English Language (mandatory)
- Proficiency in other foreign languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, German, Spanish etc. (if known)
- Commitment to achieve results

To obtain a candidature questionnaire, send in your detailed profile to flexijobs@cheersin.com.