Data and Content

We help our clients across business information publishing, commercial real estate and online retail /e-commerce sectors in enriching the data and content of their online products. We deliver high quality, complete and comprehensive data and content using research and Data Management best practices that have matured over a decade, supporting clients with online products across industries.

Data and Content for Business Information Providers and Publishers

For over 10 years now, we have had single minded focus on servicing publishing and business information companies. Over time, as we became increasingly embedded into diverse customer workflows, our understanding of the business needs, challenges and opportunities in the information business has helped us evolve our solutions and processes to add value to any publishing and information process. Our concept to revenue solutions for publishers and business information companies helps them in conceptualising new products, taking them to market and powering the product with high quality comprehensive data and content. This enhances value proposition of our clients while keeping costs under control and sales and marketing support to boost their revenue and profits. For the last 13 years, large and mid-sized publishers and business information companies have entrusted Cheers with building data and content for their business information products.
We specialise in building data and content for information products. While we get busy with sourcing, writing, building, aggregating and managing client content and data, our client focuses on production, branding, marketing and sales. The output our teams generate finds its way into varied product and service lines including online data/content products, B2B print products, newsletters,, directories, credit reports, syndicated market studies and reports, media monitoring and curated content services.

Our services include

Data Sourcing & Aggregation

We offer custom solutions for sourcing, building, structuring and classification of data through secondary and primary research, surveys and media monitoring. Our solutions are powered by technology applications and tools complemented by human effort.

Content Aggregation & Summarisation

We support clients with services to support capturing and processing of unstructured content from blogs, social media, web repositories, news and press releases. The unstructured content is curated and classified and delivered as relevant and tailor made content, knowledge and insights.

Profile Creation

We build custom profiles of public and private enterprises and people aligned to your information product templates and data structures. Based on customer need, profiles can include company and contact demographics, organisation structures, office locations, and summaries of strategy development initiatives and industry specific economic news.

Financial Data Analytics

We source quantitative and qualitative financial data using primary research and from secondary sources such as SEC filings and financial reports. Data elements sources are customised to specific client business requirements. We also provide data spreading and normalisation services to financial analysis

Data Strategy for New Product Development

We help customers with new product concepts to identify relevant data & content elements and develop the data & content build and sourcing strategy for their new products.

Data and content for Commercial Real Estate sector

Commercial real estate sector service providers deal with huge volume of data. The various databases they use are proprietary in nature and are highly complex with multiple data points. The data points for these have to be sourced using primary research and secondary research. We help clients by managing the data contained in these proprietary databases and maintain high level of data hygiene.

Our services include

Database Management

We help our clients in sourcing, aggregating and update of data relating to planning, projects, occupiers, tenancy rates and property deals. We ensure a high level of data hygiene by regularly adding new data and purging old data.

Lease Abstraction

We provide an efficient and readily understandable “summary” of the important information contained in each of the commercial real estate leases. We have a team of domain experts who ensure the lease abstracts are concise, accurate and contain all key data pertaining to the lease. Our clients leverage our primary research and data aggregation capability by adding more data points to their existing data products and thereby create new revenue streams.

Data and content for Online Retail / e-commerce sector

Our data and content services for the online retailers and e-commerce clients help them in enriching their category database with benchmarking data and pricing data.

Our services include

Data Management

We ensure data hygiene of your category database by providing data cleansing, validation and normalization services. We update datasheets related to categories offered on your site and periodically maintain the same.

Case Studies

Data Product build and launch

Cheers help with new product development support – Cheers supported the client in enriching the data product by identifying new derived data points that enhances value of the data product for its customers Request Case Study

Business and Company Profiles

Cheers helps a global B2B credit reports & business information providers to achieve significant efficiency gains and help the client to expand its geographical coverage & their customer base Request Case Study

Data Management

Cheers helped a leading business information provider to increase market coverage and extend premium products to new cities Request Case Study

Tenancy Rates Analysis

Cheers enriched data product related to real estate marketing for a global research & benchmarking client Request Case Study

Media Monitoring

For a leading media monitoring & news summarisation group, Cheers delivered rapid scale-up of operations that enabled them to increase its market coverage and project volumes. Request Case Study