Technology and IP Intelligence

Technology environment is becoming increasingly complex due to disruption and convergence of technologies, leading to shortening of technology life cycles. As technologies life cycles shrink and business models change our pragmatic research and insights based approach help organizations to innovate and succeed in the market.
Cheers Technology and Intellectual Property practice explores and tracks technologies to provide strategic direction on technology investments for its clients. Our extensive expertise spans the technology life cycle from ideation, proof of concept, patenting, product development, commercialization and beyond. Our clients rely on us to identify technological opportunities and threats within and outside of their industry and ecosystem. Our Technology and Intellectual Property solutions help clients to
  • Identify and manage Intellectual Property risks,
  • Gain competitive advantage through technology intelligence and
  • Take informed business decisions across the innovation process

Our Solutions

Technology Intelligence Support

Our Technology Intelligence experts help clients get insights on technological and competitive environment before taking critical investment decisions. Our Technology Intelligence solutions help clients:
  • Get a macro and micro level understanding of a given technology space
  • Analyse a range of technologies to understand the best fit for their needs
  • Get intelligence on the technologies that competitors are focusing on or investing in
  • Analyse relative strengths of competitors on a variety of business and technology parameters

Strategic Decision Support

Our Technology Decision Support services enable clients to take informed strategic decisions on :
  • Extending existing technologies to new applications
  • Identifying the potential opportunities and associated risks of investing in a new technology areas
  • Assessing current and future regulatory changes

Intellectual Property Risk Management

As Intellectual Property process becomes more complex and global, companies trust us on providing them strategic patent support. Our Intellectual Property experts help clients ease their processes on patent searches to increase their productivity and decrease risks in the innovation process. Our portfolio of Intellectual Property Risk Management services helps clients to:
  • Evaluate patentability of their inventions and ideas
  • Invalidate or oppose inventions
  • Conduct Freedom-To-Operate and clearance searches
  • Assess and augment patent portfolio through Intellectual Property intelligence

Technology Licensing:

We work with clients to discover potential partnership opportunities, to acquire or co-develop a particular technology, or to scout for a technology for new business applications within or outside of their industry

Case Studies

Market Assessment

An industry leader in fertilizers and agro-solutions partnered with Cheers in identification of various water sensor technologies and their applications along with the patent landscaping and market sizing Request Case Study

Collaboration Opportunity Identification

Study to identify potential collaboration opportunities with academia in Carbon Capture & Storage Request Case Study

Technology Landscape

Technology Landscape study on Carbon Nanotubes in Metal Matrix Composites Request Case Study

Technology Landscape

Technology Landscape study on Gesture Control Technologies across Multiple Devices Request Case Study

Technology Benchmarking

Technology and Competitive Benchmarking for use of hybrid tailored blanks in automotive industry Request Case Study