Market Insight

Successful businesses are those that execute the right strategies. The risk of business strategy going wrong in an uncertain and ever changing business environment is best mitigated by backing the strategy with hard facts and right analysis. Our clients approach us to grow their business, differentiate their products and services, increase revenue and profits, launch new products, understand emerging markets better and move into new markets. Our team of research analysts and marketing specialists are ably complemented by an expert network of industry specialists. We deliver market insights to enterprises big or small across varied industries.

Our Market Insights include:

Growth and Innovation Insights

Growth and Innovation Insights help you to identify new opportunities for your existing product or services portfolio. These insights will drive your market strategy formulation and improve market reach.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights help you plan for the future and reduce business risks.

Competitive Insights

Competitive Insights help you in competitive landscape mapping, detailed profiling of key competitors, competitor strategy assessment and SWOT analysis.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights help you in understanding the ever changing needs of the customer and their satisfaction levels.

Procurement Insights

Procurement Insights provide necessary insights for your procurement team and support them in supplier market analysis, supplier profiling, pricing analysis, RFI support and benchmarking procurement best practices

Regulatory and compliance Insights

Regulatory and compliance Insights keeps you abreast of regulatory changes happening in your industry and in your key markets.

Case Studies

Competitive Intelligence

Cheers assisted a large specialty chemicals company – in an in-depth and strategic competitive intelligence on their major peers for a specific business line and product lines catering to the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional market Request Case Study

Competitive Market Assessment

A leading API manufacturer – designed comprehensive bottom-up demand models for its top selling APIs to accurately size and segment the market in order to validate its internally gathered intelligence Request Case Study

Market Landscape

Cheers conducted a comprehensive market landscape for insect repellent active ingredient in matured NAFTA market for a leading fine chemical company Request Case Study

Market Assessment

A large chemical company partnered with Cheers in identification, qualification and selection of reliable agrochemical supply chain partners in emerging countries in Africa Request Case Study


A leading fine and specialty chemical company partnered with Cheers to benchmark its route-to-market channels with best practices in the paints & coatings industry in Germany Request Case Study